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Wellness real estate is a relatively new concept, but it’s quickly growing in popularity. It’s a method of clean living that proves beneficial to the owners of the property and to the property itself. It’s an ideal way of using real estate for individuals who are interested in living a healthier way of life. This overview will help you learn more about the concept of wellness real estate.


What is Wellness Real Estate?

While you can transform an existing home into a type of wellness real estate, it’s more feasible to buy a plot of land and design a structure that meets the requirements for wellness living in advance. It involves creating a living space that promotes the holistic health of the people occupying the property. Everything involved in the design of the structure is built with a specific purpose in mind. As such, wellness real estate doesn’t contain spaces that are superfluous.


How Can Real Estate Promote Wellness?

In building a structure intended to promote wellness, it’s important to consider the building materials. The structure should protect residents from exposure to harmful or toxic substances, so there’s a tendency to rely on more natural resources, such as wood or stone. Additionally, the layout of the structure should be designed to promote wellness and healthy living. This may include limiting the size of the kitchen or placing the bedrooms further from the kitchen and bathroom. Layouts are generally designed to encourage more walking or climbing, so the use of stairs is also encouraged.


There’s Potential For Wellness Communities

As the trend continues to grow, it will become possible to find entire wellness communities. These areas will incorporate individual wellness real estate properties into a larger neighborhood, so everyone in the area can benefit from these types of properties. They will utilize energy and other resources more efficiently, reducing the carbon footprint for the community as a whole. There will also be a greater emphasize on physical activity throughout the entire community, so there will likely be more parks, playgrounds, and similar amenities in wellness communities.


As large cities and even some smaller towns become more densely populated, home buyers will be looking for better options away from the city bustle. Wellness real estate offers a healthier and greener way to live, which is why it’s already attracting buyers and real estate developers alike. In the future, wellness communities will be highly sought after and may represent the best any residential market has to offer.