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Most apartments and houses are ordinary, but sometimes one will come along that boasts a crazy, uncommon feature. Each one is a testament to the tenant’s creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

An architect in New York City equipped a client’s penthouse apartment with an indoor slide in place of steps. The penthouse is four stories, and the slide starts at the top floor and continues to the bottom floor. There is an exit from the slide to the third floor, but not the second floor. To complete the unique features, this penthouse apartment is also equipped with funhouse mirrors.

A pair of apartment dwellers in Berlin also wanted an indoor slide installed in their home. Since there wasn’t room for one, they instead opted for a fireman’s pole. The pole is located in the apartment’s smallest room and has a bookshelf blocking the view of it. But the pole allows one of its residents a speedy way to get to his office from the floor above it.

Many apartment complexes boast a pool. But only a single apartment in Sydney, Australia boasts one in its living room. Built into the floor, its owners can put a glass cover over the pool. Other unique features of this apartment include its retractable roof and its indoor grill.

Sometimes it isn’t what’s in a room that is unique, but the room itself. In the case of an apartment in Paris, each room’s concept and design are out-of-the-box. The rooms were designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier. Its most distinct was a jungle-themed room that was packed full of houseplants. Another room in the apartment is completely decorated in jersey fabric. The jersey fabric even covers the furniture in the room. A third room features a bed comforter that was made from a baby doll’s dress.

Maybe even more unusual is an apartment in New York City entirely decorated in steampunk style. The entrance to the apartment resembles the door of a submarine, complete with a porthole. Lighting the apartment was an LED light fixture that spanned 32 feet in length.

Last but not least, a San Diego apartment was equipped to completely accommodate the owners’ cats. Scratching posts stretched from floor to ceiling and the walkways in the apartment were elevated.