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It’s hard to believe that COVID-19 has been a global focal point for almost a year now. Through various shutdowns and mandates, our businesses have had to make varying adjustments to ensure they’re promoting a safe work environment for employees and customers, and clients. Amidst this great shift not only in our personal lives but also in our professional lives, many people have taken the opportunity to reflect on their lifestyle and surroundings and make changes in their living arrangements.

Since March, many companies have opted to shift their workforce, offering staff work remotely rather than coming into an office. Throughout the world various big cities have gone through multiple mandated lockdowns throughout the past 9months. With companies forced to close their offices, employees began working from their homes. 9 months later, companies have become more comfortable with remote work and continue to offer that to employees for the foreseeable future. 

These remote positions have enabled people to live practically anywhere they want. Some may have chosen to live in cities such as New York and London due to proximity to their job, and living close is no longer necessary. Often people chose to live in a big city due to the plethora of restaurants, businesses, and activities at their fingertips. While living in a bustling city is fun, the compromise is usually space. You may choose to have a small apartment in a big city to have amenities more readily available. But in a time when those activities and amenities are shut down, what is the appeal of living in a big city? If you can no longer see shows, a concert, or dinner with a group of friends, you’re simply confined to your once tolerable apartment.

With this realization, most cities are seeing a drastic surge in moves. Apartment realty has never been so saturated in large cities due to the overwhelming number of people yearning for more space. Having been confined to their apartments for several¬† months, most people are fleeing the city to find homes with more space and outdoor areas. Due to this new trend, small towns and neighborhoods outside cities and seeing a boost in real estate sales. In a time when we’re ordered to stay at home as much as we can, people are reflecting on their current living situation and opting to buy or rent larger houses with more land.