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4 Features That Sell a House

Common knowledge gets passed around about what sells a house. Buyers want nice kitchens, right? While that’s true, what counts as a nice kitchen changes over time. If you’re in the real estate market, it’s important to keep up with what today’s homebuyers are looking for.

Today, a lot of homebuyers are coming in for the first time after years of renting. They’re looking for those home features they’ve been missing out on while renting, like more space. Even second-time buyers are usually looking for an upgrade, often because their families are expanding, and that, too, has led to demands for more space.

This demand for more space can be seen in a lot of the top features homebuyers are looking for right now.


1. An Eat-in Kitchen

There was a time when a separate dining room was a top priority for homebuyers, but that time has passed. Today’s homebuyers want a large kitchen area where they can prep food and have family or friends sit at the nearby kitchen table. This is a communal area where cooking and eating happen at once, and it matters a lot today.


2. A Garage

Renters have been parking their cars in a single space. Renters often have to deal with added hassles, like people stealing their space. They may also have to pay for that spot. The freedom of having a garage to park in and store holiday decorations is the ease they’re looking for.


3. Basements Are Big Sellers

This is a big room for extra space that every potential homebuyer may see differently. Some may plan to use it as an office space, others for storage. There may be people looking to turn it into a family room or an entertainment space for the adults. Others may see it as a potential space they could turn into an apartment down the line for added income potential. The diversity here, and the additional space opportunity, counts big with today’s buyers.


4. Working Air Conditioning

This may be surprising. It may seem like a homebuyer could install their own A/C unit down the line, or use window air conditioning. But today’s buyers are overwhelmingly looking at this feature, even in climates where it’s less essential. Air conditioning is a big home comfort and it counts in a big way.