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Richard Ugbah

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About Richard Ugbah

Alongside a robust career in the hospitality industry, Richard Ugbah also enjoys traveling in his personal time and exploring the sites the world has to offer. When he isn’t busy with his work, Richard likes to make time to visit places outside of his comfort zone and have a chance to traverse new areas, try fresh and unique cuisines, and experience all that life has to offer.  

Living in Lagos, Nigeria, Richard is no stranger to some of the incredible beauty that can be found around the world. He also knows how much people at large enjoy the luxury of traveling and how one of the largest issues that his wealthy clients experience is a lot of paperwork and red tape in the path of finding accommodating luxury living while traveling abroad. Richard identified this pervasive problem within the industry, and he decided to offer a solution. In 2012, Richard founded Richi Housing & Tourism, where he continues to serve as the Director of Operations to this day. 

Now, Richard Ugbah has a chance to fulfill his client’s travel desires and provide them with the ease they’re looking for in an experience. Instead of being forced to deal with the headache of paperwork and time spent navigating the process of finding a rental or a lease, Richard’s clients can simply call the team at Richi Housing & Tourism and give them the dates a place is needed. Then, the Richi team will get to work with preparations, making sure to have everything ready for the client and up to their expectations. An entrepreneur at heart and every day in his career, Richard knows precisely how much hard work always pays off in life. 

As a professional in the hospitality industry, Richard Ugbah enjoys providing services, fulfilling needs, and making people feel comfortable and relaxed during their stay. He wants his clients to be happier and to make life easier for them. That’s why he helps his clients find a booking without the hassle of needing to interface with a lot of people or handle a lot of paperwork. Richard knows how much people look forward to relaxing during their travels. He wants to alleviate as much stress as possible for his clients so that they can have the most luxurious experience possible. 

To learn more about travel, tourism, and the hospitality industry from Richard Ugbah, please make sure to check out his blog page and visit back often for the latest!

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